2 Little Known Methods to Earn Stable, High Yields in Crypto

Safe Crypto Yield
Safely earn interest in cryptocurrency

How can I get good returns / yields / make money in crypto with less risk or no risk?

Here’s how to earn a safe, high yield in crypto. You can loan out fiat currency on crypto platforms like CEL and NEXO.

Earn great Interest Rate on Crypto (CEL / NEXO) How to earn high returns in crypto – safely


Crypto is not known for safety. In fact, it’s considered to be super high risk. But that’s only if you’re doing 2 high risk things – 1) taking long or short positions, unhedged, on instruments, especially leveraged. 2) buying ICO tokens. Don’t worry – I’ve done both of these plenty of times. I actually recommend it, with a SMALL amount of money. 2-10% of total capital max, 25-50% of crypto investments. As you move toward the higher ends, most of your positions should be in Bitcoin or Ether. And definitely wait for pullbacks. These guys move a lot, so good entry is a big deal. Think $3800 getting vs $10,000.

However, crypto offers a fantastic and little known opportunity to generate 8-11% without exposure to floating instruments like ETH, BTC or SHIT coin. I currently use NEXO, but also like CEL – short of Celsius. Both of these platforms lend out fiat or stablecoins through collateralized crypto.

Invest in Regulatory Markets with Crypto – Nexo platform

If you have a pile of ETH, but need access to cash for some reason, put your ETH in a Nexo wallet and borrow against it. For lenders, you post fiat currency – USD, GBP, EUR, or stablecoins like USDT. Most stablecoins are pegged to the dollar. You earn interest at 8% annually. That’s been a fairly stable rate. 

The great thing about NEXO – they’re heavily insured against losses, they are a licensed and regulated institution, they’ve been around for a few years, the founders are well known, and it works like a bank account. I’ve been in their native token – NEXO – and frankly, I’m not that impressed. I bought it just after ICO because I did a business and token analysis for it when I worked for a crypto analytics company. It looks great, but the token dropped from .30 to .06 approximately. I was underwater on the trade. 

However, NEXO pays out a dividend to token holders. It’s not been great so far – 10% total over 2 years. That includes a loyalty dividend for having NEXO tokens stay in my onsite wallet. They made a lot of commitments to have a monthly dividend payout, but it’s only been 2 dividends in 2 years, so I’m not too impressed. Still, the site is trustworthy, and that’s a big plus in crypto. If the token goes up to .20 again, I think I’ll cash out and switch to fiat for the 8%. It’s a better rate and the value of the underlying is stable against the underlying fiat. They should have an affiliate program for those of us sending investors their way, but they don’t. They do have a credit card, though, which is pretty neat.

CELsius Network: the best secret way to invest in the crypto-sphere

CELsius.network looks more complex. They have some interesting features, like enhanced interest earned if paid in CEL. Money is never locked. You can deposit gold through the XAUT, an audited gold crypto instrument. (I haven’t vetted this one yet, but it’s from Tether. Tether is the biggest stablecoin creator, so they have high utility, but there is a lot of opacity and accusations of unbacked supply of USDT.) Gold pays 3% interest annually, which is pretty cool. Not sure how that works, but maybe it does. 

Cel doesn’t appear to have the regulatory status of NEXO, but it’s been around for over a year now. No one seems to be complaining too much about their operation online, which is a good sign. How do they pay 8% interest, when charging CEL platform users only 4.95%. Well – that’s not their main business. From their post explaining it:

The Celsius business model is structured to do the exact opposite of what banks do — by giving 80% of total revenue back to our community each week in the form of earned interest. We earn profits by lending coins to hedge funds, exchanges, and institutional traders, and by issuing asset-backed loans at an average of 9% interest. We’re taking the exact same 80% profit margin that banks have kept for themselves for centuries and returning it to our community of depositors.

CEL has a faster moving platform, and I like it. I’ve been dragging my feet moving to it, but writing this post has got me in the frame of mind to switch over. I’ve also been thinking about getting some gold, so that might be the way in. (See my posts on Gold and Silver for why I like these instruments and how to get in.)

Unfortunately, the CEL token is not available on the better platforms, like Binance. NEXO is. This is not a killer, but being vetted by Binance adds a lot of credibility. Being listed on HitBit does not. Binance does not allow sub-standard cryptos on its platform. On the minus side, CEL still does not have a desktop platform. I have asked about this and they are working on it, but some kind of initial basic system is long overdue. This is not red flag, per se, but pushing people into investing through their cell phone indicates a lack of market savvy. Many, many people, myself included, consider trading or investing on a cell phone to be the mark of an amateur. Not that a skilled trader would NEVER use a phone app – but they would not use it as their primary means of trading. The data portal between device and person is too narrow for deep analysis among other factors. Security is much lower – most crypto thefts happen through phones.

The lack is not a red flag, by any means. CEL is a robust company, which checks all the right boxes. I decided to wait until their desktop platform is rolled out, but it’s been over a year with nothing. Trading and investing sites with fully functional back-ends can be gotten off the shelf for $500. Customization is not overly complicated. The lack of something at all for so long definitely lowers the confidence level. On the other hand, when they finally roll it out, it may be the sexiest thing in private lending / crypto mashup space. It likely will, because there’s just not much competition.

CEL has a huge advantage – 80% of profits go to investors. NEXO only pays out 30%. CEL is steadily overtaking NEXO, despite the latter’s advantages – regulated and first mover. CEL is proving to be robust and here to stay. I recommend it above NEXO at this point, and I’m switching as soon as the desktop version is available. 

CEL offers additional interest gains for holding higher percentages of CEL (15% is the max level up) and for getting paid in CEL instead of USD or a stablecoin. Max rates appear to be around 12%APY. That’s a pretty phenomenal return for essentially an interest bearing savings account. You can withdraw money at any time. 

They’re trying to add 7 features to the CEL token. How well these will function together is unclear, but, as an analyst, I love it. Increased utility of a token, combined with a HODLing pressure, creates the highest value. There is a reason to keep your CEL – it provides additional interest (up to 35% more!) On the downside, CEL holders will have less of the token earning interest because that capital is tied into owning CEL. CEL pays a lower interest rate (around 5% vs 11% for fiat equivalents currently). So Investor gives up 6% absolute rate of 15% of capital and receives 3% more on 85% of capital. Investors also have exposure to CEL token. Hodling CEL is negative at current rates, so the company should revise. CEL is disincentivized here. 

Interest RateProfit one year
CEL155%$0.75fiat + CEL $10.10
CEL token Interest Rate with / without staking

 They’re also working on CELpay, which seems to give the token some velocity. I’m not convinced all 7 features are that valuable, but it’s good to see someone paying attention to a more robust ecosystem. CEL does not pay dividends per se, but they pay interest so the end result is much the same. And the interest on the native token (CEL) is roughly in line with NEXO’s token. NEXO is pretty bad about keeping up with their dividend, though. All things being equal, I say go for Celsius. More innovative and slightly better returns. Also, safer investing. But don’t bother with either token. Just invest fiat directly for a solid interest rate. It’s like a savings account from the 1970’s. Sign up here and get $10 free in BTC – like .001, right?


Nexo and Cel are both great companies. Nexo is fully regulated, which limits its ability to create innovative products and to serve certain clients. Cel is a bit newer and very innovative, but not regulated. Both offer comparable interest rates for loaning out fiat, usually around 8%, but Celsius has a way to boost that almost 20% more than Nexo. The Cel token is probably, therefore a better hodl than the Nexo token, but Nexo pays dividends. Both look good in a portfolio and either one is recommended.


Can I make money in cryptocurrency without trading?

Yes. Use Nexo or Celsius platforms to lend out money. You don’t even need to own crypto, since you can loan out fiat currency at excellent rates, 8% or more.

Can you invest in crypto or Bitcoin safely?

The method here has a strong reputation, the returns are not Ponzi-like, and one is fully regulated.